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The Best Summer Skin-Care Tips From Dermatologists, In this article, I am giving you my top five tips for building your summer skincare routine of course you're gonna need sunscreen but that's a boring trip.

I'm going to be showing you so much more than you can do for your skin this summer to really make it thrive during this season and there are definitely things that you need to avoid during the summer so I'll tell you that as well and at the end I am going to show you a very simple and easy summer skincare routine.

If you're new here I'm dr Marin locke I'm a board-certified dermatologist and I love talking about skincare dive into tip number one you are going to want to pack your summer skincare routine full of antioxidants now this is actually really easy to do without adding in extra products if you really pick your skin care products thoughtfully with this in mind so in the summer.

We are typically outdoors more or for longer periods of time so we end up getting a much greater dose of UV exposure and exposure to environmental pollution this all leads to free radical damage on the surface of the skin and that is what triggers premature aging and skin cancer formation so this is where antioxidants come in and are extremely helpful antioxidants are things like vitamin c foreign acid vitamin e and even berry extracts that are put into skin care can have antioxidants as well these substances are what really protect your skin's surface from damaged caused by free radicals that are generated from UV exposure and environmental pollution.

I like to double up on my antioxidant dose in the summer in two ways number one you can actually use a moisturizer that purposely contains antioxidants now if you've typically only thought of antioxidants as coming in serums like a vitamin c serum then listen up here to this tip because this is a really easy way to elevate your skincare game without adding in an extra step and that is what I am all about here so this is a moisturizer that contains a stable form of vitamin c called that for short I will put the full name here now verst sent this to me for their launch because this is a brand new product and they are sponsoring this little portion of my article here today now everything I'm about to tell you is my own opinion of this product it's my own organic thoughts about it and really my personal reaction to this product so this is all totally my opinion here so to me here is what makes this product very unique

it has a very particular form of vitamin c in it called tha like imentioned now you need to know two things about tha number one it is notably a very stable form of vitamin c and as you know the stability of vitamin c is such a problem because it breaks down easily in the lightened air and this is why a lot of vitamin c products actually don't work and number two it is oil soluble so that means that this wil penetrate the barrier of the skin a lot better than other forms of vitamin c that are water soluble which eve ascorbic acid the active form is water soluble so theoretically this form will give you better penetration which equals better results now once this tha is absorbed into your skin it gets converted into the active form of vitamin c or ascorbic acid and it works on two main targets so this is what you need to know it works on the keratinocytes or the top layer of your skin cells where it reverses inflammation in oxidative stress like we talked about from the environment studies also show that tha has the ability to suppress dna damage caused by uva and uvb exposure and the second main target that it acts on are fibroblasts which are the cells in the deeper layers of the skin that are responsible for building collagen so tha can increase collagen production specifically type 1 collagen which is the main type in your skin now..

I know vitamin c is such a controversial topic in skincare and it's something that I study all the time to try to keep up with everything many studies have been done on that that show all of these things I just mentioned to be true and they also show results in real patients where it has actually lightened their dark spots or decreased the depth and the visibility of these fine lines and even the deeper wrinkles so enough about.

A but just wanted to give you the background so that you know about this ingredient and you can keep it on your radar so not only is that in this moisturizer but this also has a berry extract in it that provides antioxidant protection as well and it has a keratinoid complex that helps block blue light and protect against oxidative stress and overall this really can just brighten a dull complexion so this is a perfect summertime moisturizer because of those antioxidants because it's lightweight and it absorbs quickly I love to wear this in the morning and it wears very nicely under makeup so you can shop this new product that is now I love talking about

burst products because they are always on-trend they are affordable and they are thoughtfully made so it's a win-win-win so now the form of vitamin c the tha that is in this moisturizer also pairs very well with other forms of vitamin c which brings me to my next recommendation use your vitamin c serum so if ever you are going to have a vitamin c serum in your routine the summer is the time to do it now vitamin c serums protect against UV damage pollution they build collagen they brighten your skin they  fade dark spots it's really just a must in your skincare routine 

started and figure out how to pick the best product for your skin but here are two of my long-term favorites this one is by Vichy it's the peptide vitamin c ampoule so this is called individual dose packaging I love this concept because it really helps with stability and then the other one I've been using lately that I love is the timeless vitamin c um serum this is 20 vitamin c it has ferulic acid it has vitamin e as well 

So it's really a kind of a dupe for the skinceutical ce ferrulic acid which is also a very good product if you are wanting more kind of information about should you spend or save on a vitamin c product i have a video all about that so check that out below tip number two for your summer skincare routine lay off the acids i'm talking salicylic acidglycolic acid lactic acid all of that  this really pains me to say becaus topical acids are like my favorite thin for instant results in really brightening the skin but the biggest drawback to these is that they seriously increase your chance of burning in the sun even after just one use of a peel pad ormaybe you did a mask the night before you go out into the sun the next day and you can get really burned or really inflamed from that not only does this suck because of the skin damage and aging and the increased risk of skin cancer from the burn but getting inflamed like that on the skin can trigger all kinds of skin issues like acne flares and just other rashes on the  skin so really good to avoid that you might be wondering can i still use my acids even if i'm super careful about sunscreen use so here's my story about two months ago. 

I did a mask recently at night before bed and the next day I went to the pool for just a short time which is not unusual for me at all in the spring or the summertime here yes my skin I adapted for that and yes I wore a lot of sunscreens but I still got quite the sunburn and redness after that which was super annoying to me but then it flared acne or this acne-like bumps all down the side of my face and it just took forever for my skin barrier to get back to baseline so yeah even with the best of intentions using acids and coupling that with a lot of time outdoors can be really harmful to your skin in a lot of cases so I cannot stress this enough adjust your skincare routine and eliminate the acids when you are going to be outdoors or on vacation or doing your outdoor hobbies all of that for me this is much more difficult in the summer because I am outside so much.

So i typically will rarely use these topical acid products or i will switch my much higher strength acid products for ones that are extremely gentle and then only use those a few times a week tp number three lighten up your skin care products so that means swap your creams or heavier more occlusive products out for gel based moisturizers and let your skin breathe i have a video on my channel about my favorite gel based moisturizer so check that out for ideas of what you might want to use for yourself now this is also the best time of year to break out those hyaluronic acid serums if you really insist on having that in your routine or other aha based products like moisturizers with hyaluronic acid now the caveat i want to share with you is you are going to want to be really careful with this because the hyaluronic acid you put on your  skin care  can actually pull water out having the opposite effect of what you intend so be careful about that but for me one of my favorite aha based products it's truly a holy grail for me and you guys love this as well.

It's the Vichy mineral 89 comes in this nice glass bottle pump bottle top which I love this has mineral water extremely small ingredient list I think it has only 11 ingredients 

this is a great product it is weightless on the skin you can wear this alone or you can pair a moisturizer on top of it if you feel your skin needs it so I'm going to link this below for you to check out as well as tip number four sunscreen you knew I was going to encourage you to step up your sunscreen diligence here in the summer my favorite sunscreen to wear during the summer times are those glow sunscreens that have a little bit of that shimmer to I because I love to have like this no-makeup makeup look and just let my skin breathe I don't wear a ton of makeup over it so I just love to use the tinted glow sunscreen options and just have

this little sun-kissed shimmery those out but my main point here I want to make with this tip does not be afraid to break out the sun protective clothing I hear you guys I hear the complaint that long sleeves are too hot to wear but listen it is really not that bad, especially with the technology in these fabrics and especially if you are going to be getting in the pool or swimming or in the ocean or whatever 

it's actually more comfortable because you never have to have that or worry about that burning feeling on the skin you don't have to worry about sunscreen application and reapplication you can just get in immediately and enjoy yourself so seriously don't knock it until you try it I get such affordable sun shirts on amazon and a couple other sites so I am going to link my favorites below that I get for myself and for men  children the whole family check those out it is at least good to put one of these sun shirts in your bag when you go out just in case you need a break from the sun those out  

tip number five wait until the fall or winter seasons to invest in those in-office peels or laser treatments or other skin brightening procedures you will get better results with fewer side effects to think about it if you're doing these skin lightening procedures in the summer but you're mixing it with being outdoors a lot you probably are going to find yourself taking one step forward and one step back and you're not going to get quite the level of the results that you are hoping for considering the investment that some of these procedures require.

what's even more important to note is that you want to make sure that your skin is pretty much at baseline when you are going into the office getting these treatments done you do not want to have a tan or anything beyond your baseline because this will increase your risk for side effects such as hyperpigmentation or worsening of your dark spots so you are going to want to spend your summer time protecting your skin to prevent your dark spots from getting darker and hopefully preventing new dark spots from occurring and then when you get past that season let your skin reset to baseline if you've got any bit of sun exposure and then you can think about investing in these in-office procedures and of course, if those are above your budget check out my channel I have a lot of anti-aging videos and other things you can do outside of just these in-office procedures to help you feel more youthful here is an example of a simple summer skincare routine everything. So in the morning 

  • In the first step, you can start with a gentle cleanser no chemical exfoliating cleansers nothing with harsh beads or anything like that just a gentle cleanser 
  • step two use a vitamin c serum I linked my favorites below 
  • step three is a moisturizer like the one by the verse that I mentioned that has also another form of vitamin c in it in 
  • step four is the sunscreen I like to use the glowy tinted sunscreens in the summer but choose your favorite sunscreen that you want to wear most often and in the evening.

step number one, the same gentle cleanser.

step number two apply your retinoid if you have one in your routine for either anti-aging or acne and then in yours.

last step three you want to apply a moisturizer that pairs well with that retinoid in the summer.

I switch my moisturizer out for this one which is a gel-based form of the one this is my top pick for pairing a moisturizer with a retinoid so check this one out now I take a few nights off a week from my retinoid to let my skin just kind of rest so it doesn't get overly irritated and on nights that I take off from retinoids in the summertime I actually use a niacinamide serum instead of a topical acid product like I would use other times of the year so as you can see with that routine it's really going to focus on your skin barrier it is the fewer mottoes in the summertime that's at least how I like to approach my skincare during this season.

I actually do my retinoid year-round yes it does make you more sensitive to the sun and yes that is also why I do not recommend putting an acid with it into the mix if you are going to be outside more I have my all-time favorite anti-aging retinoids as well so I hope you guys can use these tips to perfect your own skincare routine this summer and enjoy lots of time outside being active having fun with your loved ones getting real vitamin d in safe doses and just enjoying nature. I'm always getting great comments and feedback.

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