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 Best Sunscreen Of 2022 Recommend By Dermatologists in this article, I'm going to share with you my top sunscreens from 2022. it's single-handedly the most important part of your skincare routine all right without further ado.

1. Avene intense protection sunscreen

one sunscreen Avene intense protect sunscreen from this year in my opinion that I love the most I think of all of them is the one you've seen me wearing a lot lately it is from a van it is their intense protect SPF 50 plus sunscreen.

the reason I like this is that first of all it looks really good on the skin it's moisturizing it's not greasy it doesn't look too shiny and honestly when I put it on it feels as though I'm really just putting on a moisturizer I put it around my eyelids with no burning or stinging and throughout the day it doesn't seep into my eyes causing that blurry vision now this is a chemical sunscreen there is no cast to it has a variety of really good chemical filters for both uva and UVB but it also has a unique filter called triazole this particular filter has been shown to protect not only from UVB.

what have you they do emit some blue light but it pales in comparison to what you are exposed to from the sun the majority of the that you need to concern yourself about comes from sun exposure to natural sunlight so I don't want you guys to lose sleep over whether or not your computer is aging you don't worry about that it's mostly coming from the sun all right so this one definitely has been a win it's water-resistant if I didn't already mention that no cast a word of warning though I've gotten this comment from many of you who use this product that it does rub off and leave stains on your clothing

so be aware of that i personally have not experienced that whatsoever and i've been wearing it every day it's good for the face and for the body now this particular sunscreen was a gift from a viewer they sent it to me it is not sold in the us because all these amazing filters that it has unfortunately are not approved for use in sunscreens in the u.s in addition to that tri-zorb filter it also has tin sorb s juvenile t-150 and juvenile a-plus so good filters for broad spectrum uva uvb protection and the unique tri-zorb filter i want to also give a shout out to the sunscreen as being a particularly good choice for those who have deeper skin tones prone to healing with hyperpigmentation because a it doesn't leave a cast b at least in my experience using it it's not irritating many some chemical sunscreens particularly those sold in the us they can be irritating this one not irritating doesn't burn and sting probably because they have so many more filters at their disposal in other countries now the other reason it's good for people with deeper skin tones is that that try absorb filter because it blocks some hev offers some protection from hev those are the wavelengths that do contribute to more stubborn hyper pigmentation so to me this is a standout you know a lot of people like to you know make certain bold claims about what the best sunscreen is for people of color and deeper skin tones the best sunscreen is the one that you're actually going to wear but in my opinion this would be a good choice because it eliminates those issues around cast and you know trying to find a mineral sunscreen that is is not going to leave a cast and it actually offers really good reliable protection against long wave uv uva and heb which is a major issue in people of deeper skin tones when trying to heal things like hyperpigmentation so love this.

2. La Roche Posay Anthelios melt in sunscreen milk

now the second one is from la Roche posay it's their anthills melton sunscreen milk SPF 100 love this wore it i think throughout the summer mostly water-resistant chemical sunscreen really good if you have oily acne-prone skin and it's water-resistant it doesn't seep into the eyes i was able to comfortably wear it around my eyes without it getting in and causing this burny eye sensation which can be a challenge with American chemical sunscreens la Roche-posay you know they're a really reputable company when it comes to formulation and stability of their chemical sunscreens and formulation they use something you know it's a proprietary blend i think of antioxidants they call cellos shield that is what i think contributes to the stability of the filters allowing for just a more reliable formulation overall this particular product also has panthenol in it it has glycerin it has dimethicone so it's actually pretty moisturizing and it has some ingredients that help kind of reduce oiliness and shine silica it can be used on the body.

the time of year this would be a great choice for sunscreen I will caution you or warn you that it does have a bit of a shininess to it which a lot of people do not care for so that one you know is a favorite of mine I will continue to reuse it, in fact, I have a backup in my stash but it is the SPF 50 or 60 version I do have an article talking all about the value of using higher SPF you know technically on paper there is no difference but when it comes down to it the nature of the way people apply sunscreen oftentimes because they're underhanded having a higher SPF kind of compensates for that so check that full article out if you're like what the heck SPF 100 all right. 

3. Cetaphil mineral sunscreen

number three is a mineral sunscreen from Cetaphil it is their new sheer mineral SPF 50. it is a zinc oxide sunscreen I will not lie this does leave a white cap but it is water-resistant up to 80 minutes it's moisturizing but actually a little matte as well it also has niacinamide which is helpful for redness dryness irritation post-acne marks. 

if you have a paler skin tone and it's you're very sensitive you find that you only get along well with mineral sunscreens try this one out it's a liquid you know your Neutrogena used to have this sheer mineral liquid sunscreen I think they still make it this one's kind of similar to it but it's actually a lot more moisturizing this is water-resistant try it out if you like mineral sunscreens but I'm not going to pretend like there's no white cast on this it's a zinc sunscreen it's going to be a cast all right

4. Black girl kid's sunscreen

a definite favorite from this year was the black girl kids sunscreen this is a water-resistant chemical sunscreen that would be a good choice also for deeper skin tones there's no cast it's very moisturizing it's got shea butter and carrot seed oil shea butter is going to help reduce water loss from the skin carrot seed oil is an emollient with perhaps some antioxidants that help reduce oxidative stress in the skin you know the black girl's sunscreens I've tried out all of them and they're all really really good but the kids one is a lot less expensive and in my mind is a standout I mean it's it's a good water-resistant chemical sunscreen and this cannot be this cannot be skipped as one to consider it's pretty affordable and it's cruelty-free and vegan as well all right moving along Neutrogena.

5. Neutrogena invisible daily sunscreen

Neutrogena their sunscreens almost always burn and sting around the eyes except for this one I discovered this year was a win for me it is their invisible daily SPF 60. this is a water-resistant chemical sunscreen no cast has it's a liquid they call it a serum a nebulous term in my opinion but it is a more fluid consistency it has a little bit of alcohol denaturant in it I say a little bit I actually don't know how much is in there it has alcohol denaturing in it which a lot of people get you to know apprehensive about that can make your skin a little bit more prone to dryness but it is a good

ingredient for kind of a quick-dry non-greasy formulation it's good if T live somewhere that's humid you're prone to sweat it allows for better evaporation of sweat it also has silica and aluminum starch which is helpful for kind of absorbing excess sebum reducing shine and oiliness it's also got dimethicone to kind of

help reduce water loss from the skin and reduce shine as well so this one in my experience using it is not shiny it you know goes on well no cast now it does have feverfew extracts which are uh from chrysanthemum so some people are allergic to that you would want to avoid this I just pointed out in case you have run into that then you would want to avoid this but that one was a win for me I just love the fluid consistency and it would work well under makeup no cast again when we're talking chemical sunscreens there should not be a cast unless they have like titanium dioxide listed in the inactive ingredients or something then you might get a little bit of a white flash all right.

6. Epionce daily shield lotion

so those are all non-tinted sunscreens this year I discovered a tinted sunscreen that I really really loved I mean I discovered many and I really was like which one did I like the best so I tried out some sunscreens this year from Epione's and I fell in love with the daily shield tinted SPF 50.

this is not an inexpensive sunscreen but i love it what can i say it's a mineral sunscreen and it has iron oxides which depending on how this is formulated those may offer some protection against those hev wavelengths although that's not something that's standardized in terms of metrics so i can't guarantee that but anyways we do know that those ingredients help protect against those wavelengths if at the right concentration and the formulation overall etc anyway i really enjoyed this uh this is my second bottle of it i'm wearing it currently i filmed myself applying it this morning so you guys can see what it what it looks like on the skin as far at he tint it is a medium to lay brown why i like this is that it doesn't have that orangey look it doesn't make you look like a terracotta pot so many tinted sunscreens end up causing that kind of orange pink look that is not desirable um so i i really like the tint i will say if you have a deeper skin tone this will likely leave a cast on your skin i mean it will not be a white cast but it will be like what is on your face i would anticipate that now if you have a medium skin tone i think this would be a good choice for you

I am always hesitant when it comes to any mineral sunscreen regardless of if it is tinted or not to make any kind of bold statement about it working well for deeper skin tones because I will inevitably get comments from people with deeper skin tones that this is their holy grail and that at the same time I will get comments from people who have a deeper skin tone saying uh no wasted my money on that one look you know looks terrible well deeper skin tone is a huge spectrum so it's very difficult to predict if it's going to work for you hopefully

seeing it on my skin seeing it you know on my finger getting a sense of the tint maybe you will have some idea but I would say because it's so expensive if you don't have the opportunity to test it out on your skin I would you know I would be careful to spend too much money on something that may not end up working out for you all right what else does it have it's got argan oil which is nice malia and glycerin which is a humectant this formula is it's water-resistant as are all of these actually it's water-resistant but I will say it is a thicker

consistency it takes a little bit more effort and time to spread this on the surface of the skin in contrast to the Neutrogena sunscreen serum I just mentioned spreads on the skin very easily the liquid the Cetaphil mineral sunscreen is more of a liquid spreads on the skin well the black girl kids spread quickly and you know easily this you have to spend some time spreading it and it doesn't pill or anything but I've noticed that if you don't take your time rubbing it in and you will kind of get these little patches where it's almost looking uneven just to point that out that it does require a little bit more effort but I think it gives the skin a nice healthy radiant glow without being too shiny or greasy you know my wish for 2022 or you know as soon as possible is that we have more affordable drugstore tinted sunscreens uh right now

The best we have is going to be the cerave tinted mineral sunscreen that I recommend in numerous videos that shade is great but it just doesn't work for everyone and then we also have the Australian gold botanical tinted mineral sunscreen and that one causes irritation for me but it is one that a lot of people love and that's you know that's what comes to mind I would love to see more like from the big brands more tinted sunscreens ideally more shades I feel as though we never get a wide shade range from tinted sunscreens and I don't know if that has to do with you know challenges and formulation or what I'm not a cosmetic chemist so I don't know why the shade range is so restricted when we're talking about tinted mineral sunscreens

their SPF 50 ultra shield lotion now is a non-tinted combination sunscreen water resistant very similar to

the dermatology sunscreens that I've always recommended to you guys because it's a combination sunscreen the cast is somewhere in between an all mineral sunscreen and a chemical sunscreen so if you have a medium to pale skin tone like myself ends up working out like a dream no cast but if you have a deeper skin tone there's still a bit of a cast there anyways wanted to give an honorable mention to that because it ends up being actually a pretty inexpensive sunscreen compared to many other combination sunscreens out there including the dermatology one on an ounce per cost per ounce but not least is a sunscreen for the lips sunscreen to the lips so important because the skin on the lips the sunscreen is going to rub off a lot more easily so you need to be reapplying consistently yes you can put your face sunscreen on your lips but because of the nature of the skin of the lips i find that many sunscreen lotions and creams for the face or body they end up being kind of drying and irritating to 

7. Md solar sciences tinted SPF lip balm

my lips this year I really got into them d solar science tinted lip balms these are great because they are free of fragrance they have very moisturizing shea butter they also have avocado oil now these are chemical sunscreens and I find chemical lip sunscreens are you know ones that can cause irritation for me these are the exception and the color is very nice it's like you're wearing a lipstick they make a nude one and they also make a sheer one that has a little bit of sparkle in it stays on well, of course, you need to reapply it after drinking and eating or whatnot but yeah definitely give these a look-see they aren't inexpensive but I think they're well worth the price especially if you're somebody who wears lipstick anyway or you know tinted lip balms I think you will really like these out definitely check them out they were our favorite from this year in the realm of sunscreen all right you guys those are my favorites in terms of sunscreen from 2022.

I hope this article was helpful to you guys and if you are struggling to find a good sunscreen maybe some of these recommendations will end up you know working out for you let me know in the comments what your favorite sunscreen from this year has been and what are you currently using and loving let me know in case it's something I have never tried out that you know gives me something to buy and as always don't forget the sunscreen.

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