How can I whiten my skin in 15 minutes?|| Japanese secret to whitening skin-skincare

Today I am sharing a natural remedy to The old Japanese Secret To Whiten Skin and revome Pigmentation and Skin Whitening. It is easy simple and safe due to its natural way. Men and women use it for Skin whitening. 

10 Benefits of the Japanese secret to whiten skin

  • Remove dark patches
  • skin Lighten 
  • Remove dead skin
  • Best for open pores 
  • Remove pigmentation and melasma
  • Deep hydrate skin. 
  • Make this skin soft and supple
  • Prevent wrinkles and fine lines. 
  • Leave the skin youthful

 Japanese secret to whitening skin brightens eliminates pigmentation and dark spots we can need white rice.

 Rice is one of the splendor secrets and techniques of Japanese female skin in a saucepan positioned

In this remedy, we use some ingredient 


  • 2 spoons of rice 
  • a cup of water
  • 2 spoons of milk
  • olive oil  
  • coconut oil

Step 1 2 spoons of rice we upload a cup of water we prepare dinner the rice well on a low flame while the rice will become like this we turn off the heat we go away a little water with him.

Step 2 we grind the rice well if you need water, you can add it to grind the rice we get rice cream we filter it properly you can use it without filtering it rice cream could be very powerful in whitening the pores and skin giving freshness and herbal radiance to the pores and skin smooths pores and skin and fights premature wrinkles liquid milk. 

Step 3 we upload 2 spoons of milk blend properly.

Step 4 we upload a spoonful of olive oil mix nicely.

Step 5 coconut oil spoon coconut oil you could upload any oil in preference to those oils we get a creamy mixture.


We hold the cream in an easy field and preserve it inside the fridge it remains valid for 7 days to apply to easy pores and skin go away on pores and skin for 15 minutes wash off with heat and bloodless water you'll observe immediate effects from the primary use of a clear and white complexion is unfastened from all flaws and problems easy skin like an infant's pores and skin your skin can be like Japanese you may additionally use the cream to whiten darkish regions of the body and also use it to lighten sensitive areas repeat the recipe twice per week I guarantee you splendid results. I hope you preferred this domestic remedy.

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