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In this article, I will teach you how to make skin tightening and wrinkle removal mask that fights early signs of aging and wrinkles mask at home with a three-ingredient potato+ carrot..  the best skin tightening mask 

skin tightening and wrinkle removal mask at home

Potatoes' Benefits for tightening skin

And with Craig hunt the nutritionist and we are talking about potatoes and you love potatoes are doing is their single serving but they get a bad rap well I think what's happened is there's been a lot of focus on carbohydrates there was a lot of emphasis on eating low-fat high-carbohydrate and things have changed quite a lot we're realizing that we can eat more good fats but what  happened is carbohydrates were labeled kind of like the bad guy 

I never get the  story gotta have the bad guy and so carbohydrates have been labeled that and potatoes being part of that group but really it's not the case potatoes are so manageable as a carbohydrate source you've got single serving sizes you've got a whole food a lot of people are interested in Whole Foods these days and so what can be closer than a potato out of your backyard or out of the Northwest that's a whole food so you've got the skin that has fiber high in vitamin C a tremendous source of potassium which is really good for our blood pressure it has a little bit of iron too and there's a lot of iron deficiency anemia in the United States so potatoes are I see them as a powerhouse food and I see them as a portion of natural food for our blood pressure people should eat more potatoes I think they should like to dice them up steam them and then serve them with a little bit of a sauteed meat and vegetable so they make a really good carbohydrate source and you know 

I really have a childhood memory with potatoes where before my family would go skiing my mom would make what was called skiers breakfast and was always potatoes with some eggs a little bit of cheese a few vegetables and we would eat this and it would stay with us very well good complex carbohydrates potatoes are good stuff. 

Carrot Benefits for tightening skin

the fact there are so many good things that eating carrots can do to your body one of these is that it's great for managing your weight this is probably a new one for you right learn more about how carrots do this and many other awesome and surprising benefits of this orange root veggie so don't go just yet and make sure to number the aid of one carrot in weight loss raw fresh carrots comprise around 88 water that's a lot huh t

He explains why a medium carrot only contains about 25 calories so if you want to fill yourself up without loading up too many calories then carrots are a great way to do so also these veggies are high in fiber which promotes a feeling of fullness number two carrots promote glowing and wrinkle-free skin the beta-carotene compound that's responsible for the stark color of carrots is also responsible for brightening the skin aside from that it also promotes firm elastic and 

healthy skin so if you want to naturally prevent wrinkles and get radiant skin then look no further number three carrots boost eye health is your eyesight declining lately learn to eat carrots carrots have long since been regarded as a foolproof remedy to improve eyesight that's because the veggie is rich in lycopene and lutein which help maintain good eyesight and night vision moreover eating carrots regularly can help remarkably lower the risk of glaucoma number four carrots improve heart health thanks to the abundance of fiber and carrots eating them can boost your heart health by removing excess ldl or bad cholesterol apparently this vegetable has a form of calcium that's easily assimilated into the body thus helping lower levels of ldl  cholesterol researchers have also found that carrots help lower the risk of heart disease by 32 number five carrots lower blood pressure the potassium alone in carrots plays big role in maintaining normal blood pressure potassium does this by relaxing the tension in the blood vessels and arteries as a result it improves the blood flowand brings down the elevated blood pressure plus carrots have minerals that balance sodium in turn it helps remove excess sodium and fluid from the body taking the pressure off from your heart number six carrot support immunity the vitamin c alone in carrots is crucial for healing and immune support additionally 

carrots are packed with several minerals antioxidants and vitamins that contribute to a stronger nervous system better brain power and bone health antioxidants fight off free radical damage in addition to guarding against harmful bacteria viruses and inflammation so what are you waiting for stock up on carrots and take advantage of the bountiful health benefits of eating carrots eating your way to a healthy and sustainable life is the new trend these days if you want to share something with us about this video just leave them below if you like the video give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends for more interesting facts on the human body.

How do you make skin tightening and wrinkle removal masks at home?

skin tightening and wrinkle removal mask fights early signs of aging and wrinkles

we need three ingredients:

  • carrot 
  • potato 
  • gelatin powder 

 skin tightening and wrinkle removal masks procedure:

  1. we peel it, grate it, and extract carrot juice carrots delay the appearance of wrinkles we get pure carrot juice.
  2. we will need a potato we peel it grate it extract the potato juice
  3. And add it to the carrot juice potatoes are natural collagen for the skin tightening 
  4. Mix the carrot juice with the potato juice 
  5. well add a teaspoon of gelatin powder mix 
  6. well put the carrot and potato juice in a saucepan and let them boil for a minute after boiling it for 1 minute let it cool down.

How to Apply Mask:

a bit first, you must clean the skin before applying this mask apply the mixture. 

all over the face use a thin layer on the skin and let it dry.

after the first layer dries, apply the second layer and leave the mixture until it dries completely on the skin after the mixture dries on the skin.

How to remove the mask:

We remove it this way this mask at the same time removes hair from the face it also whitens and clears the skin after removing it.

Wash the face with warm and cold water.

And we moisturize the skin with any oil or moisturizer immediately.

You will notice that your skin has become tight wrinkles will disappear around the eyes, mouth, and forehead pigmentation, and dark spots and melasma will also disappear you will get brighter and younger-looking skin it can be repeated 2 times a week.

I guarantee you very effective and outstanding results MUST TRY

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